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Climate Change policy inaction threatens lives

Today we are launching a new Australian climate change and health paper that I'm involved with.

Zhang Y, Beggs PJ, Bambrick H, Berry HL, Linnenluecke MK, Trueck S,
Alders R, Bi P, Boylan SM, Green D, Guo Y, Hanigan IC, Hanna EG, Malik
A, Morgan GG, Stevenson M, Tong S, Watts N, Capon AG. The MJA–Lancet
Countdown on health and climate change: Australian policy inaction
threatens lives. The Medical Journal of Australia
2018;209(11):1.e1- 1.e21. doi: 10.5694/mja18.00789.

Also, the release of the related Global edition is the Lancet Countdown 2018 Report

I suspect that the "Australian policy inaction threatens lives" theme may reappear under a number of guises. Still, at least we are in the bandwagon!

Our team amassed data on a large range of indicators that we put together to show the current impacts of climate change, from deaths due to human-made air pollution, lethal extreme weather events, infectious mosquito borne diseases and the public awareness of climate change issues and policies. We intend to re-visit these indicators regularly each year and track the ongoing developments of these emerging public health issues.

Events will be today at Sydney University TODAY and tomorrow Fri 30th 3pm Canberra launch event that I'm going to. Our Ministers Fitzharris and Rattenbury will be there.

It is too late to RSVP for the Sydney event but RSVP by 29 November to Christian Dent at rattenbury@act.gov.au for the Canberra event.

Time: 3pm, 30 November, 2018, followed by Reception Venue: Exhibition Room, Legislative Assembly Building, Canberra

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