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  • My open-source projects are hosted on http://github.com/ivanhanigan
  • The following list shows some of the project data collections I have amassed during my research over the last 15 years
  • Some of these are data collections I have developed, others are derivatives of collections originated by others
  • Many of these are areas of active research, but others are dormant
  • This list was generated on 2015-12-07 and will be updated as time permits

1 Air pollution

1.1 Air pollution source attribution: bushfires and duststorms (Johnston)
    1.1.1 biomass smoke events
    1.1.2 biosmoke pollution
1.2 Air pollution modelling: Neighbourhood exposures (Morgan)
1.3 Air pollution monitoring stations: (STATES)
    1.3.1 AirPollutionMonitoringStations NSW
    1.3.2 AirPollutionMonitoringStations TAS
    1.3.3 AirPollutionMonitoringStations WA

2 Australian health

2.1 Australian health: mortality (RBDM)
    2.1.1 unit records
    2.1.2 Australian Standarde Geography for Mortality (ASGM)
2.2 Australian health: morbidity (STATES)

3 Australian population

3.1 Australian population: demographics (ABS)
    3.1.1 census
    3.1.2 ASGCSHP
    3.1.3 SEIFA
3.2 Australian society: elections (ADA)

4 Biodiversity and environmental change

4.1 Biodiversity and environmental change: LTERN publications (Lindenmayer)
4.2 Biodiversity and environmental change: CoESRA (Guru)

5 Bioregions

5.1 Bioregions: IBRA (DOTE)
5.2 Bioregions: MVG

6 Cardio-respiratory disease, biomass smoke, dust and heatwaves

6.1 Cardio-respiratory disease, biomass smoke, dust and heatwaves (Bowman)

7 Climate Change

7.1 Climate Change: ACCESS (CSIRO)
7.2 Climate Change: Garnaut (McMichael)

8 Eco-social observatories

8.1 Eco-social observatories: Tipping points (Butler)
8.2 Eco-social observatories: South West Slopes and Plains (Hanigan)

9 Extreme Weather Events

9.1 EWE Drought: Hutchinson Drought Index (Hanigan)
    9.1.2 Hutchinson Drought Index
    9.1.3 Drought Indicators (Obrien and Coleman)
9.2 EWE Drought: Agricultural drought declarations (NSWDPI)
9.3 EWE Heat: Excess Heat Indices (Hanigan)

10 GIS

10.1 GIS Library servers and services BY ORGANISATION (various)
    10.1.1 gislibrary (ANU)
    10.1.2 gislibrary (Hanigan)
10.2 GIS tools

11 Infectious diseases and local habitat

11.1 Infectious diseases and local habitat: RRv (Vally)
11.2 Infectious diseases and local habitat: Gastroenteritis (Hall)

12 Mental health and drought

12.1 Mental health and drought: Suicide (Hanigan)
    12.1.1 Suicide and Drought in NSW
    12.1.2 Suicide and Drought using 5-caps

13 Mortality and morbidity effects from weather

13.1 Mortality and morbidity effects from EWE: Heat (Morgan)
13.2 Mortality and morbidity effects from weather and air pollution (Dear)

14 Reproducible research pipelines

14.1 Reproducible research pipelines: tools (Hanigan)

15 Medical geography theory and tools

15.1 Rates, Standardisation and Adjustment
15.2 Spatio-temporal regression models

16 Roads and places

16.1 Roads and places: Openstreetmap (OSN)
16.2 Roads and places: Gazeteer
16.3 Roads and places: StreePro
16.4 Roads and places: Walkability

17 Transformational adaptation

17.1 Transformational adaptation: Farmer Survey (CSIRO)
17.2 Transformational adaptation: Energymark Survey (CSIRO)

18 Ultraviolet radiation

18.1 UVR (Lucas)

19 Water

19.1 Water: Hotspots (Hanigan)
19.2 Water: Catchments (GA)

20 Weather

20.1 Weather: By area (Hanigan)
20.2 Weather: Grids Emast (TERN)
20.3 Weather: Grids AWAP (BoM)
20.4 Weather: Stations (bom)
20.5 Weather: Tools (Hanigan)
    20.5.1 rtamet
    20.5.2 PWIDWAV