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One Health Ecohealth Conference Melbourne Dec 2016

I've just come out of an amazing 5 day conference on One Health (where animal health science meets human health science, and a whole lot of ecological thinking).

It was truly terrifying to hear about the cascading risks to health from environmental change. I was deeply affected by the story of monitoring worm infestation rates in children working in mines in the DRCongo, and saddened by the mass death of coral this year on the barrier reef (among many other tragic stories).

There was good news too:

  • Pepper and cinnamon fed to broiler chickens in India has been found to have antimicrobial properties
  • Bhutan have made progress with rabies
  • Yanks working with Ozzies are making progress on Hendra antibodies/vaccine for horses and humans
  • I met some very inspiring early career researchers and students
  • I met some equally inspiring senior scientists
  • My drought index/Government Drought Declarations poster was viewed by the former head of the Gov. Department who was in charge of the drought declarations (we agreed that the underlying governmental decision rules are vague and multipurpose, and a climate index has great value when looking at human ecology)

I also gathered some AVA CPD points (whatever they are!) as alerted by this certificate they sent me.


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